When the Idea Strikes

When the
idea strikes

Sometimes great ideas wake you. Sometimes they take months of brainstorming.

But even after your “light bulb” moment strikes, it’s just the beginning. You’ve got to set yourself up for success, protect your idea, then convert the concept into reality.

Unified Law can help.

Business Foundations

Choosing the right structure and foundation that aligns with your goals and purpose is a crucial first step. Too often, we hear, “I picked from the choices the website gave me” vs. making an informed decision. We provide counsel on:

  • Advice on choice of entity
  • C Corporations
  • S Corporations
  • Public Benefit Corporations
  • Steward-Owned structures
  • Limited Liability Companies (LLCs)
  • Public Benefit LLCs
  • Cooperatives
  • Non-Profit companies
  • Organizational Resolutions
  • Banking Resolution
  • Compliance Policies
  • EIN Application with IRS
  • Formation of business entity and required foreign qualifications
  • Documentation of initial capitalization
  • Legal Folder Structure

Protecting Intellectual Property

There is nothing worse than telling a growing business that it has to change its name or scrap a product because – it “didn’t get to protecting IP yet.” We offer:

  • Initial IP and branding consultation
  • Trademark filings
  • Name registrations
  • Copyright filings
  • Software compliance policies
  • Employee Technology Assignment Agreements
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Developer Agreements
  • Independent Contractor Work-For-Hire Agreements
  • Website Terms
  • Privacy Policies
  • Domain Purchases (negotiated)
  • Social Media Terms
  • Influencer Agreements
  • Open Source Policies
  • Data Security Policies

We understand that speed is necessary for your
“When the Idea Strikes” phase.

We share your sense of urgency to get to the marketplace. Yet, thoughtful speed can cost too much and do too little if you don’t have the right partners. Unified can help accelerate your strategic competitive advantage and break down the barriers that might slow you down.